Building a Better Tomorrow…By Deferring $2 Billion in Repairs?

$2 billion is quite a lot of money. A lot. Like, enough to pay for one full year's worth of education at UMass for 90, 399.5 students. Or approximately 27, 777, 777. 8 24-can cases of Monster Energy Drinks for these diligent 90,000 students. Sufficient to say, it's a lot of money. Problem is, that's… Continue reading Building a Better Tomorrow…By Deferring $2 Billion in Repairs?


Building a Better Tomorrow…But Who Brought All This Red Tape?

For students both new and old, construction is nothing surprising or unexpected at UMass. We've had the new science building under construction for a good two semesters, we've had a pathway added near Bartlett, a walkway in front of the Integrated Science Building, repairs done to the sensitive derriere of the Fine Arts Center, and… Continue reading Building a Better Tomorrow…But Who Brought All This Red Tape?

Parkour’s Unseen Leaps of Faith

A voice calls out, “Scott, are you doing something stupid?” He bashfully responds, “...Yeah.” In the damp chill of a rainy, late summer evening at UMass Amherst, the lean college senior bolts towards two picnic tables laid end-to-end, and leaps. Extending his arms, he plants them upon the end of the first table and swings… Continue reading Parkour’s Unseen Leaps of Faith

Parkour Week: The Pains of Progress

How time does fly! Welcome to the second to last day of Parkour Week. Tonight I went out for a full evening with the Parkour Club. Compared to other meetings I've tagged along for, this one seemed to start a bit more lax and informal, and only about ten traceurs were present. Mr. Maxson was… Continue reading Parkour Week: The Pains of Progress

Parkour Week: Maxson’s Depth of Mind

Welcome to day three of this week of parkour. Today is a bit of an excerpt from an interview I had on Saturday with yesterday's leading man, Scott Maxson. I met up with Maxson at UMass' own Blue Wall eatery, and sitting by the ceaseless babble of the televisions (almost invariably on CNN and ESPN),… Continue reading Parkour Week: Maxson’s Depth of Mind

Parkour Week: Scaling All Heights

So today's entry will be a little less wordy, and a bit more picture-heavy. Apologies in advance for some of the quality of the photos, but there are severe limitations to my camera in darkness. So our pictorial subject for the evening is Scott Maxson, one of the head members of the UMass Parkour Club. Scott Maxson… Continue reading Parkour Week: Scaling All Heights

Parkour Week: A Running Start

Hello and welcome to a few days devoted to showing off  parkour! It's a discipline of movement that focuses on getting from point A to point B as efficiently and effectively as possible - physically and mentally. All week I'll be highlighting certain aspects of parkour, largely revolving around UMass' own Parkour Club, and the actions of… Continue reading Parkour Week: A Running Start

The Hidden Gem Amid the Wooded Rough of Northern UMass.

So there was a period last semester that I had reason to go rambling. Not blithering or gibbering, as one may ordinarily think of the word, but a long walk without any rhyme or reason. Living in McNamara Hall, my first sight that was a welcome refuge from brick and concrete of the UMass campus was the… Continue reading The Hidden Gem Amid the Wooded Rough of Northern UMass.