Old is as Old Does: Natural Museum of Ireland

There are many approaches to showing people the zoological wonders of the world. Documentaries, funny clips on YouTube, maybe magazines like National Geographic, but one of the best ways, in my opinion, to give people a true idea of what lives in this world is to see something in person. A pretty obvious idea, as “seeing is believing,” but there’s something really to be said with that. However, the average family these days may not have access to extinct animals, nor have the money to go to Borneo to see flora and fauna there. This is where the humble natural history museum comes in. As I’ve discussed before with other museums, there are a few ways to teach people about the world, and in the modern age, interactivity is key. The stereotypical dark and dusty shelves and cramped halls full of threadbare animals is no way of interesting people in an electronic age. This, unfortunately, is largely the impression I got from the Natural History Museum of Ireland. Continue reading