Building a Better Tomorrow…But Who Brought All This Red Tape?

For students both new and old, construction is nothing surprising or unexpected at UMass. We’ve had the new science building under construction for a good two semesters, we’ve had a pathway added near Bartlett, a walkway in front of the Integrated Science Building, repairs done to the sensitive derriere of the Fine Arts Center, and there are plenty more fences erected and topsoil upturned then it’s worth mentioning.

Many of the projects were brought about through contracts with bidding construction companies, and the largest projects are supposed to be along the guidelines of the university’s “master plan.”

The strangely sinister-sounding “Master Plan,” is basically a 10 year plan of the campus’ construction projects, budget surplus/deficits (mainly deficits these days), concerns about problems with previous master plans, and generally, what needs to be done to create a better campus. Talks for the newest Master Plan began about a year ago, with some low-key meetings with the public to begin shaping what should be done with the university for the next 10 years. Continue reading