Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt3: Conscience)

Guilt. It's not easy. In many cases, it can be the smallest detail, something almost unintentional that you latch onto and form some kind of "bond" with, or that leaves you feeling awful for days. This is my favourite bit, if I'm honest. There are many, many ways to make you feel "conscience" in a game.… Continue reading Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt3: Conscience)


Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 2: Consequence)

So we've covered some basics of videogame guilt, so let's get a little deeper. Oh, and minor/major spoiler alerts for most of these games, by the way. If you see the name of a game you haven't played and want to, I'd stay away from that game's section. This will be nowhere near comprehensive; that can… Continue reading Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 2: Consequence)

Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 1: Why did I do this..?)

Guilt. Guilt is one of those weird, almost untouchable emotions we all spend countless amounts of alcohol, therapy, denial, or self-justification to live with. It walks hand-in-hand with regret down the road of life, taking hellacious dumps for us to step on when we least want or expect to. So why, then, would we ever willingly… Continue reading Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 1: Why did I do this..?)

Rattle and Ramble: The Skeleton Question

Skeletons. If one were to believe the rumours, they are both spooky and scary. They're also a fairly steadfast companion for the average person; a beneficial tenant in Hotel You. Wave your hand in front of your face. Your skeleton just said hi. But skeletons, what's the deal with 'em? Skeletons just don't seem to… Continue reading Rattle and Ramble: The Skeleton Question

Continuing The Bipedal Question: On the Other Thumb

A quick follow-up to the last post, is another peculiar anatomical anomaly that came to my attention a few years back, and I've yet to find a suitable outlet for. So here it is.Catgirls. Anime catgirls. Everyone has an image of this classic anime cliche (more properly called called neko or nekomimi which just means… Continue reading Continuing The Bipedal Question: On the Other Thumb

The Bipedal Bias: Why So Many Playable Humanoids?

Humans are a predictable bunch. Two arms, two legs, head atop the shoulders, front-facing eyes, opposable thumbs. Basic stuff. Same goes with most vertebrates. Us with a backbone to speak of will never have more than four limbs, excepting species with tails, but even then, it's only so much of a "limb." When you pull… Continue reading The Bipedal Bias: Why So Many Playable Humanoids?

Living in a Shade of Itself: Review of Half-Life 2 Mod “Grey”

A crowded bar bustling with the sounds of clinking glasses, and the murmur of a sea of voices. A jukebox blares out some nameless rock song no one is listening to. All sounds are muffled and muted through the thin walls of the bathroom where you're washing your hands, when suddenly: silence. Absolute, screaming silence.… Continue reading Living in a Shade of Itself: Review of Half-Life 2 Mod “Grey”

A Machine for Pigs, A Feast for the Mind

I'll come out and say that I'm an avid fan of horror games. At times, it's a position a little difficult to explain, as with any particular passion, but it's just one of those things that's like an onion: many-layered and often drives people to tears. The genre had a bit of an identity crisis… Continue reading A Machine for Pigs, A Feast for the Mind

Nintendo’s Beliefs Versus Steam-Style Economics

This varies a bit from my normal stories about travel, but I found this subject to have extremely interesting implications, and a very, very complex series of problems. Nintendo, which originally saved the videogame industry, is now finding itself in a position of being financially crippled by their recent business decisions. Recently, there have been… Continue reading Nintendo’s Beliefs Versus Steam-Style Economics