Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 2: Consequence)

So we’ve covered someĀ basics of videogame guilt, so let’s get a little deeper. Oh, and minor/major spoiler alerts for most of these games, by the way. If you see the name of a game you haven’t played and want to, I’d stay away from that game’s section. This will be nowhere near comprehensive; that can come later, as well.

But let’s start with making you question your actions. Some games have multiple endings or certain sequences that are determined by certain tasks being done, or certain behaviour towards NPC’s (non-playable characters; any AI character, basically). As a matter of consequence, you may not fully appreciate the effect of your actions until it’s too late. I don’t mean stories with twists at the end, or characters that face consequences by story alone, because that includes almost every story ever, really. These are more direct examples of guilt/regret; very deliberate. Continue reading