Silicon Brick Road of Guilt (Pt. 1: Why did I do this..?)

Guilt. Guilt is one of those weird, almost untouchable emotions we all spend countless amounts of alcohol, therapy, denial, or self-justification to live with. It walks hand-in-hand with regret down the road of life, taking hellacious dumps for us to step on when we least want or expect to. So why, then, would we ever willingly look for them? Please be patient with this first one, it’s starting slow to give us a foundation for the rest.

Enter videogames, stage left. Not a stranger to this blog, they are funny little things that we subjugate ourselves to. Funny, sad, scary, boring, mind-building, and world-ignoring, they do everything that would otherwise be possible. Look at the terms used over the years: escapism; time-wasters; morally corrupting; power fantasies; etc. They kind of cover all bases like films or books or whatever else (like I’ve discussed before). So why would you ever want to feel some of the worst emotions possible, and on purpose, for that matter? Continue reading