A Machine for Pigs, A Feast for the Mind

I’ll come out and say that I’m an avid fan of horror games. At times, it’s a position a little difficult to explain, as with any particular passion, but it’s just one of those things that’s like an onion: many-layered and often drives people to tears.

The genre had a bit of an identity crisis around the early 2000’s, when the last truly great titles came out, and since then, things have moved much more towards an action-y kind of deal. Creativity seemed to be lagging in a serious way, so most of the titles became either trashy, buggy messes or trite, tired rehashes of ideas a decade old.

In 2010, tiny developer Frictional Games released Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game that just pushed just about all of the right buttons, ticked all the prerequisite boxes, and largely reinvigorated the survival horror genre. It was intense, wonderfully written, atmospheric, and terrifying. There are no guns, no weapons with which to defend yourself, so even the slightest hint of a creepy-crawler just forces you to bolt in the opposite direction, praying there will kindly be a cabinet to quietly soil yourself in until it passes. It wasn’t without flaws, but blah blah, that’s a different discussion for a different day. Continue reading

Un Paso Detras – A Barcelona Tale

So I recently thought of an interesting little situation that occurred during my stay in Barcelona. I know I haven’t written anything on it yet, so I’ll likely remedy that in the near future. However this incident is one mildly worthy of note.

I went traveling with a fellow “auxiliar” from my (now former) teaching program in Spain. Our first stop was Barcelona, for which I arrived in the beginning throes of a particularly ill-timed illness (it actually began on my birthday, but that’s a gripe for another time). Our hostel was actually quite pleasant, though a decent distance from the city center. It was extremely well-staffed with an assortment of young adults from quite a few different countries, so communication was never an issue, and being travelers themselves, knew exactly how to help at almost any given moment. I realize this almost sounds like a shameless plug for this place, but as I can’t even recall the name, I say the equal parts pandering and total ambivalence to recall level themselves out. Continue reading

Wine With a Roach

I arrived in Prague after a 12-hour train ride from Lugo, Spain to Barcelona. It was surprisingly pleasant, if you’d imagine such a thing, and it was made just so much better because I actually planned with some semblance of self-decency. I was not going to spend another night in an airport, as I have done for literally every trip since coming to Europe, but instead, getting a proper bed in a proper room in a proper hotel.


I don’t regret it for one moment. Continue reading

A Cry From Beyond and Another New Start

So I have been doing poorly in updating this. I will change that promptly.

I’ve now relocated to Prague, looking for employment and all of the rest that living abroad has to offer.

With that, I also have an actual computer to use, so getting material out will be quite a bit easier on my end.

So, with that, this is just a quick blurb and more posts will be coming shortly. Thanks for the patience.