A Machine for Pigs, A Feast for the Mind

I'll come out and say that I'm an avid fan of horror games. At times, it's a position a little difficult to explain, as with any particular passion, but it's just one of those things that's like an onion: many-layered and often drives people to tears. The genre had a bit of an identity crisis… Continue reading A Machine for Pigs, A Feast for the Mind


Un Paso Detras – A Barcelona Tale

So I recently thought of an interesting little situation that occurred during my stay in Barcelona. I know I haven't written anything on it yet, so I'll likely remedy that in the near future. However this incident is one mildly worthy of note. I went traveling with a fellow "auxiliar" from my (now former) teaching… Continue reading Un Paso Detras – A Barcelona Tale

Wine With a Roach

I arrived in Prague after a 12-hour train ride from Lugo, Spain to Barcelona. It was surprisingly pleasant, if you'd imagine such a thing, and it was made just so much better because I actually planned with some semblance of self-decency. I was not going to spend another night in an airport, as I have… Continue reading Wine With a Roach

A Cry From Beyond and Another New Start

So I have been doing poorly in updating this. I will change that promptly.I've now relocated to Prague, looking for employment and all of the rest that living abroad has to offer.With that, I also have an actual computer to use, so getting material out will be quite a bit easier on my end.So, with… Continue reading A Cry From Beyond and Another New Start