A Splash of Local Colour: Drinking in Galicia

In Spain, drinking has proven to be a far more protracted affair than in the United States. Bars close far later than in the U.S. equivalents, and people start drinking much earlier, but in a strange way, lighter, too. An anecdote to drop us right in and explain:

With the same dining companion as before (someone, I must add, finds my slip-ups in Spanish and slight cultural differences/confusions sources of unerring hilarity; nice girl), we went to a local bar, ”Zodiac,” I do believe it’s called, before meeting up with a friend of hers at yet another bar. This was around eight or nine at night one weekend, and about a month into my stay here in Spain. Beer and wine are by far the most common drinks to be had on a day-to-day basis (of the alcoholic sort, of course; water, juice, or what ever else is readily available). So consequently for the vast majority of the time, excepting the very sporadic bit of liquor after meals, I only had beer and wine; I wanted a mixed drink.

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