The Sounds of an Imagined Paris: The Music of Amélie

There is often a mythical attachment to France, and doubly so for it’s capital, Paris. Who, past the age of existence, hasn’t heard of the City of Love? Oft there are romantic scenes within films or novels of walking cobblestone streets under the vigilant and benevolent gaze of the Eiffel Tower, and millions of love-struck travelers flock there each year. The reality, however, is always a little more dirty than our dreams and expectations would ever allow, and Parisians are notorious for their unfriendliness towards tourists; Paris itself being known to be rather dirty, partially due to the immense level of pedestrian foot traffic, and the tourism industry doesn’t do the city many favours, either.

Enter Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” (More simply known as “Amélie” in the United States), a film that defies normal explanation, yet is of immeasurable cinematic worth. Most people I know, when asked to explain the movie, fail to do so in a simple soundbite’s worth of words, as it spans so much in it’s content that a mere synopsis does it no justice. Continue reading