The 6 Zombies You May Meet During the Apocalypse (And Why It Isn’t All Bad).

Everyone has some impression of a zombie. Usually, shambling, fetid creatures with a penchant for human flesh and vocalizing like a drunken Jello Biafra. All well and good.

But there are so many other zombies and zombie-like critters that escape the eye of the public, so we’ll run through six with an appropriate food-based danger level for each encounter.  Continue reading

Is UMass Building a Better Tomorrow, or Digging Itself Into a Hole?

Stepping in time, the Minutemen Marching Band has little idea what lurks beyond the safety of its practice hall. Covered in eldrich vine and crusted ichor, this edifice sits and gazes upon the marching band with unseeing eyes. On a campus of seemingly endless construction projects, why is it there? What keeps old buildings standing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and what does it take to get something else built? What is being done to prop up this university? Continue reading