Stuck between a Sneeze and a Gladstone.

Back last month, I wrote a piece on’s tech blogger Doug Aamoth, and this week, I’m deciding between a couple other bloggers to cover.

I initially couldn’t think of any that really stood out until I checked my bookmarks and saw two that I check so frequently that I forget that they specifically write blogs. I guess it’s like losing sunglasses that are on top of your head, but internet-style. The two bloggers I chose were Wayne Gladstone and Steve Sneeds.

First off is Wayne Gladstone, more mononymously known as just “Gladstone,” is a humor writer and satirist who regularly writes for and Comedy Central’s political site, among a couple other publications.

A quick caveat: his articles can be occasionally less than “work-safe,” but it’s not typically further than some crude humor and language.

For articles, he covers the real hard-hitting, muk-raking stories of our times, like a two-part entry about the worst kinds of people to commute with. I’m partly joking. His articles really do touch upon some interesting sides of life that one may not normally consider writing about, or makes you perceive certain things through a slightly altered lens, like how much Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” really sucks.

Anyways, Gladstone also has a video series called, “Hate by Numbers,” in which he often satirizes pop culture, as well as people’s occasionally bizarre reactions to it. View counts can vary depending on the topic, or what site they’re published on, as they have jumped hosts multiple times over the years.  Ripping on the Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, a trailer for Hugh Jackman’s new movie, “Real Steel,” or expressing his revulsion at a news story known as the “Afro Bomber” featured on CNN.

Though a point to add is that he has recently swung a bit more towards covering political subjects more so than the pop culture he had largely focused on before.

His subjects (like the hisses I’ve heard from his slandering of Green Day), are occasionally controversial, as well as his humor doesn’t particularly sit well with some, especially for his satirical eulogy of Amy Winehouse and subsequent explanation of the piece over the response.

I find him entertaining, at least.

Secondly is Steve Sneeds, who writes for his blog, “The Sneeze.

Almost immediately less risque than Gladstone, Steve (as he is almost exclusively referred as), has nevertheless done his own strange articles and projects. His stories are often about his family, though they are not usually named, only referred to by their certain personality quirks. For example, his eldest son is referred to as “Raisins,” due to a couple particularly enthusiastic responses to receiving raisins in his Christmas stocking.

But a fews particularly interesting tidbits about his blog are his “Steve, Don’t Eat It!” entries, where he eats and documents foods most Americans would likely find… slightly unpalatable, to say the lest. Potted meat, Natto, Silkworm Pupas, and his wife’s own breast milk.

…not all at once, mind you.

Steve is also apparently pretty good friends with Adam Savage (of Mythbuster’s fame), and Savage has even worn merchandise from The Sneeze in an episode or two, yet finding an image of this currently eludes me.

Only issue is that Steve has a rather infrequent update schedule on his blog now, and has largely switched over to twitter for his posting.

Either way, these two gentlemen, Gladstone and Steve, are two very interesting bloggers with two very unique niches within the internet. I can’t say too much more or I won’t have anything left to talk about one of these bloggers for the next post!

Stick around.


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