Parkour Week: Scaling All Heights

So today’s entry will be a little less wordy, and a bit more picture-heavy. Apologies in advance for some of the quality of the photos, but there are severe limitations to my camera in darkness. So our pictorial subject for the evening is Scott Maxson, one of the head members of the UMass Parkour Club.

Scott Maxson (shown below) sprinting from the Fine Arts Center to Southwest:

You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to run ahead of a group of traceurs AND enough time to get a shot off.

These running shots were actually taken during an impromptu sprint shortly after their warm-up exercises. Their common destination is a small area with benches, walls, and sharp concrete inclines adjacent to the Berkshire Dining Hall.

I figure just trying to keep up with these guys will get me into amazing shape, never mind actually trying to vault anything. Or scaling ten foot walls with a 80 degree incline, for example:

On another evening, they were attempting this:

Yes, that blur is Scott, and yes, he had jumped off of the wall to reach that 11.5ft. ledge. He and the rest of the UMass traceurs were practicing this particular grab in Southwest, drawing quite a few spectators in the process.

I have more photos to come with the other members, but I’m just working to get all their names, as to properly attribute them to their rather stunning feats.

Here’s a better shot of the actual wall assist.

That’ll be all for now, and later this week, an interview with Maxson, and more photos of the rest of the team.


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