Doug Aamoth – Tech Blogger

Doug Aamoth is a blogger whose focus largely lies with technology and electronics, with blogs appearing on’s “Techland” and Techcrunch. He’s a fairly prolific writer, and usually has an average of about three to four posts a day, but on certain days, contributes just one post to either tech site. On Techcrunch, he occasionally posts reviews on technology, like an amusing review on a home soda maker in the shape of a penguin, but it’s largely aggregated blog posts that make up Aamoth’s daily submissions.

Post lengths are usually fairly short, around 400 words or so, on average. However certain posts, like the story about a possible upgrade to smartphones to increase battery life by up to 50%, jump up to over 800 words. Comments seem to be sparse on most of Aamoth’s posts, with most only getting few to no replies.  Though occasionally the comment count can jump pretty high; the highest I’ve seen being on his re-post about MIT’s prototype traffic application, which garnered 44 comments.

He typically has a more laid-back reporting style, and much of his material is simply re-posted from other new sites with a new summation of events, or a small interjection of his own opinion. He does contribute regular, weekly segments that stray away from the simple re-posting, like his “Paycheck Friday! Purchasing Suggestions for your Perusal,” and “Top Five (Day of the Week) Tech Deals.” The “Paycheck Friday” series has a series of silly, typically useless (yet always interesting) items to buy with your hard-earned dollars, starting small like an inflatable fire hydrant, increasing over a few items until he drops the pricey items, like $2000 Carbon Fiber Gucci shoes. Tempting, isn’t it?

Mr. Aamoth, color me jealous of your livelihood. Reporting on tech news and receiving neat gadgets from people desperate to have them reviewed? Where can I sign up?


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