Powerful New York Times Piece on, well, New York.

Stories from New York are a dime a dozen, and among the looming skyscrapers, people can be be as numerous and erratic as an upset nest of ants. But in 2011, the New York Times published called "One in 8 Million," an Emmy-award winning photojournalistic piece which takes the everyday lives of 54 men an women across… Continue reading Powerful New York Times Piece on, well, New York.


Doug Aamoth – Tech Blogger

Doug Aamoth is a blogger whose focus largely lies with technology and electronics, with blogs appearing on Time.com's "Techland" and Techcrunch. He's a fairly prolific writer, and usually has an average of about three to four posts a day, but on certain days, contributes just one post to either tech site. On Techcrunch, he occasionally… Continue reading Doug Aamoth – Tech Blogger

Patch.com Still Feels Full of Holes

With the ever-teetering state of the US economy, it's a small wonder that many large newspaper companies have to really push to turn a profit, lest they fall prey to the insatiable beast known as "foreclosure." So when large newspapers begin to hurt, it's no surprise that the same could be said (if not more)… Continue reading Patch.com Still Feels Full of Holes

Product Patents Possibly Too Protecting?

Doug Aamoth, blogger for Time Magazine, wrote a story back on September 8 about patent infringement lawsuits filed by several tech giants against other tech giants, and its current impact upon the electronics industry. It's a problem that has plagued software development teams for ages, affecting Sony's controllers for the Playstation, Microsoft's software, among countless others. In… Continue reading Product Patents Possibly Too Protecting?